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Bundle & Save

Bundling television and Internet is a great way to save money on your entertainment month after month due to the deep discounts offered on bundled plans. What makes these bundles the perfect choice for average consumers?

Bundles are convenient, fun, and save money on your monthly television and Internet bills. Choose wisely and you’ll have a plan that will keep your family entertained and educated throughout the year, without paying a premium price.

Bundles Save Money

It really is that simple for many cash-strapped families and households. It’s cheaper to bundle important services such as television entertainment and Internet in order to enjoy greater savings. Consumes save up to 25 percent on their Internet service depending on the plan they choose, when they choose bundles.

Internet Package Options

Bundles for Internet include three different package options. This allows users with smaller Internet appetites and needs to choose lower data packages that cost less. Choose the package that best meets your Internet usage needs and avoid paying more for services you don’t need or won’t utilize as much.

Television Channel Choices

Choice is a good word to keep in mind when it comes to these bundles. There are many television-viewing packages and specialty channels viewers have access to. Some people, for instance, want basic television viewing options with access to local news while other people want a home theater experience.

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TV Anywhere

Anywhere You Go

Did you know that you can now enjoy your TV everywhere you go? The great news is that this means your favorite programs or just a touch away no matter where you go or how far you need to travel. The even better news is that your entire family can enjoy this convenience.

Enjoy TV in Real Time On The Go

Forget the frustration of having to be behind on your very favorite show. Instead, you can watch your television programs live in real time from anywhere. Even when you are on a business trip or on a family vacation, you can still have your favorite television shows. 

Schedule Shows

The joy doesn’t end with being able to watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere you may go. You can also schedule when you want to record a movie or television show on your DVR on your wireless device when you have our service.

Let’s Talk TV

There is nothing like watching TV in HD,

especially when it is free.

Experience the Most HD Channels

  • Over 290 Channels Available
  • 10,000+ On Demand Choices
  • Plus Get FREE Equipment
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Technology – DVR

A video recording device known as the DVR or digital video recorder has changed the way we watch our favorite television programs. The ability to record more than one program at a time while watching a third as well as the bonus of being able to pause live TV are now modern recording features we can’t imagine living without.


Fastest Internet speeds, virus detection with Security Suite and no data caps.

+ Fastest Internet speeds available starting at 60 Mbps
+ No data caps
+ Enough speed to support all the devices in your home


for 12 mos when bundled*

Fastest Speeds

+ Speeds available starting at 60 Mbps
+ Always be connected to the online world
+ Never worry about watching your favorite video content!


+ Able to support ALL of your devices!
+ No Data Caps means not having to worry about streaming high definition video content!

Peace of Mind

+ 24 x 7 dedicated Technical Support
+ Always available to assist with account issues or connection problems

Unbeatable Value

+ Get the money for your money today
+ Maximum value, little investment

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